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'De-notified tribes victims of discrimination'

De-notified tribes in India are still treated as outsiders by the society and are victims of discrimination at the hands of the authorities, a study reveals.
The study on the educational status of de-notified tribes was conducted by  an NGO that works to empower women to resist and end sex trafficking. It analysed the education and societal status of de-notified tribes in six states - Delhi, Rajasthan, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The findings were shared as part of the NGO's "Terrace Talks" session.
According to the findings, many de-notified tribes practise inter-generational prostitution which is the extreme form of exploitation of young girls. The study said the communities, which include Sapera, Jogi, Kanjar and Gond, are victims of traditional stereotyping and are looked at with suspicion.
During the study, the team found that young women were seen as financial resources and often kept as security with brothel owners for a specified period against a spe…