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Hypertension: India's silent killer !

[May 18:World Hypertension Day]
Before we talk of any reason behind this silent killer, lets know what is Hypertension?
Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure which is a major public health problem in India and its prevalence is rapidly increasing among both urban and rural populations. It is a condition in which the arteries have persistently elevated blood pressure. Every time the human heart beats, it pumps blood to the whole body through the arteries.Fast-moving lifestyles, unearthly hours at work, stress, addiction to alcohol and unhealthy meals are making more and more Indians fall prey to high blood pressure at a very young age.
The biggest problem with hypertension is that there are no symptoms. Thus people tend to be unaware that they have hypertension. It is common in urban Indian youth who silently suffer from high blood pressure without realising it and which ultimately leads to such major health problems like strokes. 
What causes hypertension?

Though the ex…