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Malaria: A grave threat to millions !

[April 25: World Malaria Day]  

The number of deaths from malaria might be steadily declining, but health experts believe the mosquito sting continues to pose a grave threat to millions in India.
An estimated one million fresh cases of the disease - which causes body ache and fever - are reported in India each year. About 95 percent of the country's population resides in malaria endemic areas.
According to the World Malaria Report 2011, over 70 percent of the country's 1.2 billion population faces the risk of malaria infection, with an estimated 310 million people - one third of the total - facing the "highest risk".
The situation is very bad and it is an epidemic sort of issue. Malaria is quite rampant across the country, particularly in rural areas including major cities like Delhi.
Though the country has been effective in treating the disease with new medicine, the threat of plasmodium which causes the disease becoming resistant to new drugs remains.
Even though t…