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Homeless brave icy cold and illness, worsened by state apathy !

Hunched under a tattered blanket for a little warmth on road side or under the flyover in national capital (Delhi), a frail young and old homeless shivers day and night on a freezing note below four degrees Celsius. More or less outside India's premier hospitals as well, the large number of patients from far corners of the country can also be seen as braving cold and illness. Indeed, a sorry story, repeated each day of National Capital's searing summer and harsh icy winters.  It's a community of those in need and desperate for help.
For them, and hundreds of the homeless on the streets of Delhi, everyday is just another day and heralding the dawn of another day is swathed in misery. As the fog creeps in, these homeless usually get lost in the haze of poverty, misery and the biting cold, the only warmth from their breath misting in the air.
Similarly, if we look at India's premier hospital like AIIMS, we find the patients sit huddled over a makeshift stove making a meal…