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Bone chilling winter kills, scores across North India

Every season has its own delights but as the saying goes "excess of everything is bad", whether it is summer, monsoon or winter season. If the scientists of the weather department are to be believed, this year round, stings of cold would be felt far more than the last year. 
Compared to the last year, winter period is going to be bone crunching this year. Excessive cold of the December month compared the December last year has already given off this indication. The coming nights of 'Push' month could be nerve reeking.
Meanwhile, during this month as well, due to the intense cold wave currently enveloping north and east India has already risen to 40. Even though the Meteorology Department has forecast a slight improvement in the weather condition in coming weeks, with officials predicting a clear sky and light mist in the morning, cold winds are expected to sweep parts of the region.
The minimum and maximum temperatures in the capital are expected to range from 9 to 1…

Fourth of US docs use social media: Survey

About one in four physicians in the US uses social media once or multiple times daily to explore medical information, and 14 percent do so daily to contribute new information, says a new survey.The survey of 485 oncologists and primary care physicians also found that on a weekly basis or even more frequently, 61 percent of physicians scan social media for information and 46 percent contribute new information.
Social media was defined as "Internet-based applications that allow for the creation and exchange of user-generated content, including social networking, professional online communities, wikis, blogs and microblogging".
Since the survey was conducted 19 months ago, it's likely that more physicians are using social media now, says Robert S. Miller, assistant professor of oncology and oncology medical information officer at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre, the Journal of Medical Internet Research reports.
The amount of information required for medical practice…

India reports 37,000 dengue cases in 2012

India has recorded over 37,000 dengue cases, including 227 dengue deaths in 2012, the highest number in a year so far, parliament was told today. (Tuesday, 4th Dec 2012).
In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Health Abu Haseem Khan Choudhary said the percentage increase in number of cases and deaths between 2011 and 2012 (up to Nov 26) is approximately 97 percent and 34 percent respectively.
Dengue, a vector borne disease, has hit all major cities of the country, with the total number of cases by Nov 26 reaching 37,070 - a sharp increase from 18,860 cases and 169 deaths in 2011. Over 28,000 dengue cases and 110 deaths were reported in 2010.
Minister Choudhary cited the unprecedented growth in population, unplanned rapid urbanisation and inadequate waste management as the reasons behind the outbreak.
He added that "increased distribution and densities of vector mosquitoes due to man-made, ecological and lifestyle changes" were amongst the main reasons …