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Pluses, minuses of UPA-II government:Not much to Celebrate!

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-II government completed three years in office Tuesday amid charges of policy paralysis and key initiatives remaining mired in fractious coalition politics.
There have been some positives. In the last three years, there have been no big terror incidents, relations with Pakistan have looked ahead and foodgrain production has touched a record 250 million tonnes.
But those have been the very thin silver lining in the proverbial black cloud of corruption, government inaction and unending economic woes with the common person forced to cut back on essentials as prices rise steeply.

Achievements and failures of UPA-11 in the last three years since it was returned to power in May 2009 are as under:
1. MNREGA 2.0: A reformed package of UPA's flagship rural employment guarantee scheme unveiled.
2. Public Procurement Bill, 2012: Legislation introduced in parliament to codify government procurements and maximise competition, aimed at transparency.

Of neglect and nurturing: How 2012 can be made better?

"With the global economic crisis severely stressing parental care capacity, policies are needed to build support structures for neglected children"

The global economic crisis has severely impacted parents' caring and coping abilities. Inadequate living conditions and the struggle for economic survival create stress and despair, often furthering conflict, depression, alcoholism and violence, according to the annual report of SOS Children's Villages.  The global report focussing on “Challenging Times—How 2012 can be made better?'' points out that an increasing work-life imbalance is squeezing parents' abilities to devote time to their children and labour migration and other factors separate families and weaken their cohesion and resistance. 
Family poverty also makes children vulnerable to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.  In India, search for work brings children to the street where 1 in every 6 children under the age of 14 is engaged in child lab…

Bhojpuri songs ready to curb the Kala Azar menace !

Bhojpuri folk songs that have been entertaining people in Bihar for years will now be used to spread awareness about the kala azar disease, a recurring epidemic that takes hundreds of lives in the state each year and afflicts thousands of poor people.The state government has roped in singer-actor Manoj Tiwari for the initiative.
According to the health dept officials, the state government has given the go ahead to use folk songs to create awareness about prevention of the deadly kala azar in rural areas.
As per health dept. data, over 23,000 kala azar cases were reported in 31 of Bihar's 38 districts in 2011. The disease, transmitted by the sand fly, has killed over three dozen people so far this year and claimed over 70 lives last year.

Over 750 people have died of kala azar in the past five years. The authorities in Bihar aim to eradicate the disease by 2015.

 The government has roped in singer-actor Tiwari - known for his Bhojpuri hits - for the initiative. During the awareness …

One-third Indians 'suffering': Survey

Almost 31 per cent of Indian adults comprising 240 million people say they are "suffering" because of poor quality of life, according to a Gallup survey, though the country had a high growth rate of 6.9 per cent.
The gap between the haves and have-nots may actually be widening, the survey said, releasing the results of its recent opinion poll in which nearly three-fourths or 73 per cent of the respondents perceived corruption as being widespread in the government.
The polling firms' research categorised Indian respondents into three blocs "thriving," "struggling," and "suffering," according to how they rate their present and future lives.
The poll indicates that the poorest and and least educated are the ones who have considered themselves as belonging to the suffering class.
"The key factors affecting Indian citizens' well being are income, education and employment- all linked and influenced by the work place," Gallup chairman and…