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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Delhi police's crime-solving rate dipping

One-fourth of the total cases of theft, dacoity and murder reported in the national capital were solved this year with official figures showing that the work out rate of these crimes has come down in the last four years.

to Delhi Police statistics, only 4,308 of the 17,773 cases of theft, dacoity and murder reported this year till October 31 have been worked out with the arrest of 6,701 people.

"Only 24.23 per cent of the cases under these three heads have been worked out. A whopping 13,465 cases remain unsolved. We are working on these cases," a senior police official said.

figures show that the success rate in solving cases has been going down in the past four years, though the number of theft, dacoity and murder cases was on the decline.

year, police managed to solve 27.8 per cent (6,210) of the total 22,319 cases arresting 9,785 people while in 2008, the solving rate was 31.21 per cent (6,069) of 19,445 cases. As many as 9,426 people were arrested in 2008.

2007, 35.46 per cent of the 17,566 cases were worked out with the arrest of 9,317.

a bid to check rise in street crimes like robbery, snatching and vehicle thefts, Delhi Police has already launched a massive drive to check vehicles, particularly motorcycles.

"Massive checkings are being undertaken now. The emphasis is not on cars alone, we are checking motorcycles also. If you don't have the papers, then the vehicle is seized," the official said.

As in the previous years, east Delhi topped the list of these crimes as well as dismal rate of solving this year. A total of 2,772 cases were reported out of which only 355 (12 per cent) were solved.

However, east Delhi had fared better in solving cases last year as it worked out 25 per cent of the 3,080 cases reported.North-East (2,104 cases and 21 per cent solving rate), North-West (1,965 and 19), South (1,899 and 35), South-East (1,858 and 23) and Outer Delhi (1,777 and 21) followed the East district.

West district topped the list of solving cases by working out 39 per cent of the 1,087 cases reported in its jurisdiction followed by South and North Delhi where 32 per cent of 994 cases were worked out.

The highest number of people arrested were in South Delhi (1,020) followed by 760 in North-East and 715 in Outer Delhi, the official said.