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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dengue menace worst in Delhi's Jamia Nagar

The capital reported 20 more cases of dengue, taking the total number of people infected by the mosquito-borne disease in the city to 297, an official said on Wednesday.

"Delhi reported 20 more confirmed cases of dengue," N.K. Yadav, chief medical officer of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), told.

The dengue menace continues in the city with Jamia Nagar still being the worst hit, with sources saying around 4000 cases have been reported in Jamia and Okhla.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has finally confirmed a dengue outbreak in south Delhi's Jamia Nagar. Almost every house in this area has reported at least one case of dengue. The MCD has now started using 5 de-fogging machines in Jamia Nagar to tackle the issue of mosquito breeding. Awareness programmes have been started to increase the general consciousness among the people. Disinfectants are being sprayed on the roads and waterlogged manholes are cleaned up to prevent mosquito breeding.

However, residents complain that the anti-dengue drive ends right at the main road. There are hundreds of side lanes which are left out from the cleaning drive. This has made the residents completely enraged and vulnerable.

More than 500 suspected cases of dengue have been reported from Holy Family hospital in south Delhi.

According to officials, one person has died due to dengue this year in Delhi. Three more deaths, suspected to be from dengue, have been reported from the national capital but authorities are ascertaining the cause.

Places like Jamia Nagar, Okhla in south Delhi and Shahdara in east Delhi have reported the maximum number of dengue cases. Dengue is transmitted to humans by the Aedes mosquito and its symptoms include fever, joint and bone pain, nausea, vomiting, headache and fatigue.
Meanwhile, the MCD blames the construction sites in Jamia Nagar for the rampant spread of dengue. MCD officials said it is impossible for corporation inspectors to look into each and every construction site. The ounus should remain with the owner as well.

However, at the midst of the danger, the health officials have reported that this situation is just the beginning of Delhi’s dengue season and the worst is still yet to come.

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