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Join hands in prevention of DENGUE, MALARIA

Amid concerns over gradual rise in dengue cases in Delhi, which will soon host the Commonwealth Games, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has requested the citizens to join hands in prevention of dengue. Since dengue is a viral illness with cyclical trend of increase in cases after every 3-4 years which coincides with Commonwealth Games this year, there is an urgent need to take adequate precautions against dengue.

The Commonwealth Games will be held in October, a month which generally sees high prevalence of dengue.

MCD is adequately equipped with 118 fogging machines which are being regularly used for fogging operations and insecticidal spray is also being done in major rain water drains besides supply of medicines to all wards and holding frequent health camps to create public awareness about the viral fevers.

"On analysis of data it has been observed that case fatality rate due to dengue has decreased in Delhi -- from 4.12 per cent (1996) to 1.49 per cent (2006). This has …

India will add 110m people to global workforce by 2020: Study

A demographically young India will be the largest contributor to the global labour force in the coming decades, and will add about 110 million workers by 2020, a study by Goldman Sachs said.

In contrast, China's labour force will increase by 15 million and Japan's will decline by 3 million over the next 10 years. The growth of workforce in Brazil and US will be lower than that of China.

The study said that India's labour force is expanding at a time when many other countries are facing "ageing-related issues" (older populations) and shrinking workforce.

India's workforce growth, it added, will be driven by people in their 30s and 40s, urbanisation, and rise in number of working women.

"India will likely provide the largest increase to the global labour force over the next few decades. Our projections suggest that its labour force may rise by 110 million this decade," said the study, India's Rising Labour Force.

"Our projections take into account…

23,883 dowry deaths reported in 2006-08

New Delhi: A total of 23,883 dowry deaths have been registered in different parts of the country during 2006-08, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.Indian Minister of State for Home Ajay Maken said in a written reply that 7,618 dowry deaths were registered in 2006, followed by 8,093 cases in 2007 and 8,172 in 2008.He said the government accorded highest importance to prevention of crime against women by enacting various legislations that gave protection and legal remedies to women.He held state governments responsible for prevention, detection, registration and investigation of crimes, including those against women.

Indian employees feel must skip jobs to advance career: Study

An overwhelming number of Indian employees feel that they must leave their existing organizations for advancing in their careers, a study said.

"India, as a matter of fact, is ranked the highest at 56 per cent where a majority of the employees feel they have to leave their organisation to advance to a higher job," a Towers Watson's Global Workforce Study, said.

India at 56 per cent is ahead of the US at 43 per cent, UK at 41 per cent, Brazil at 39 per cent, China at 38 per cent and Germany at 37 per cent, the study said.

"The top management in India Inc needs to review the career advancement programmes for their employees if they have to retain talent in what promises to be a prolonged growth phase of the business cycle," Towers Watson India's Managing Director, said.

Towers Watson conducted the global workforce study in India between November 2009 to January 2010. It surveyed employees in the 25-35 years age-group, predominantly male, having less than five yea…

Two out of three women faced sexual harassment in Delhi in '09

Two out of every three women in the capital faced some form of sexual harassment between two to five times last year, claimed a survey conducted under a joint initiative of Delhi Government, two UN agencies and an NGO.

Titled 'Safe City Free of Violence for Women and Girls', the survey is based on a sample of 5,010 women and men and was undertaken during January to March this year.

"Almost two out of every three women reported facing incidents of sexual harassment between two to five times in the past year," it said.

The survey was carried out under a joint initiative by Department of Women and Child Development of Delhi Government, Jagori, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and UN Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme).

The survey report said cutting across class and profession, women face continuous and different forms of sexual harassment in crowded as well as secluded places, including public transport, cars, markets, roads, public toile…

Delhi launches survey of homeless people

Aiming at including the homeless people in the 2011 Census and providing them facilities accordingly, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit launched a survey for them with assistance from UN Development Programme.

Significantly, there are lakhs of homeless people in Delhi, who are not registered and so they do not have any kind of identity card. Because of this they cannot avail benefits of the social welfare programmes.

The aim of the survey is to include all those people in the current Census. The survey, said to be the first of its kind in the country which involves 24 governmental and non-governmental organisations, will take two months to complete. It will be conducted in 15 divisions of the city. Later, initiative will be taken to get the names of the homeless incorporated in the Census.

"A register will be made and according to that homeless people will be given ID cards, BPL cards so that it becomes easy for them to avail health facilities and get their children admitted to sc…