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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Delhi's unorganised service sector provides more jobs

Justify FullDelhi's unorganised service sector enterprises provide more employment opportunities comparing to other states in the country, a report released today said.

The report titled 'Service Sector in Delhi' said about 6.44 lakh people are working in 2.39 lakh unorganised service sector enterprises in Delhi and the average employment per enterprise is 2.7 in the city compared to 2.0 at the national level.

The report has been brought out by Delhi Government's Directorate of Economics and Statistics on the basis of survey conducted under 63rd round of National Sample Survey.

Releasing the report, Delhi Finance Minister A K Walia said out of 2.39 lakh enterprises, nearly 1.47 lakh (61.51 per cent of total) were household enterprises and 92,166 (38.49 per cent) were establishments.

Delhi's share in total number of enterprises operating in unorganised service sector in the country is about 1.44 per cent and its rank is 17th among all the states.

Walia said out of 6.44 lakh people, about 1.70 lakh workers are working in household enterprises and remaining 4.74 lakh are working in establishments.

"Average employment per enterprise operating in unorganised service sector in Uttar Pradesh is 1.8, Rajasthan 2.0, West Bengal 1.6, Haryana 1.8, Maharashtra 2.1 and Punjab 1.8. This shows that unorganised service sector in Delhi is more employment oriented as compared to other states," Walia said.

As far as social group of ownership is concerned, the report said about 9.88 per cent of the total enterprises were held by scheduled castes, 17.01 per cent by OBCs and remaining 73.11 per cent by others.

As per the report, out of 2.39 lakh enterprises operating in unorganised service sector, 30,255 were hotels and restaurants, 41,246 were involved real estate business, 47,584 were in transport sector and 20,035 enterprises were involved in health sector.

Walia said the gross value added per annum by per enterprise in the unorganised service sector was Rs 2.87 lakh. as compared to Rs 1.48 lakh at the national level. He said the gross value added by the enterprises amounts to Rs 6,879 crore.

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